Cosmetics for skinYour skin has often a rash or is itching as a reaction to particular cosmetics? In this case you have an allergic skin that requires special care. Not every cosmetic, even labeled as friendly for people with allergies, will meet all your requirements. What to look for when shopping?

Basically, allergic skin cosmetics have such components are not likely to cause allergies. This applies mainly to preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances. However, not only them sensitize the skin - also plant extracts or crude oil derivatives often used in cosmetics.


The most secure are cosmetics containing natural oils and butters derived from plants and as well as tested ingredients of different origin. They work for many people much better than other cosmetics, so it's worth giving it a try. Also, you can reach for the lines intended for children or go to a pharmacy to buy dermocosmetics. They are often designed to ensure optimal results without allergic reactions. Most important, however, is to test various cosmetics, to find out whether they really are good. created by