Cosmetics for womenWe use cosmetics every day. Often, however, many women definitely have too much of them - when you also belong to that group, you know that it is often difficult to use all before you buy next ones. Therefore, if you want to reduce spending a lot and reduce the number of cosmetic products in the bathroom, you will want to be confined to a minimum.

Basic skin care products should be divided into those for the face and body. Choose a face cream, preferably two creams, day and night ones adapted individually to the needs of your skin, then a wash gel or a micellar solution, make-up remover, toner, a scrub and a mask or a few masks. When your skin has special needs, buy a good serum.

When it comes to body select a shower gel or a bubble bath, body lotion, as well as peeling or a glove that you can make a peeling with. You can also buy cosmetics according to your special needs - for cellulite, a breast care cream.


In addition, buy a hand cream, foot care products and you cannot forget about the hair - shampoo, conditioner, mask and cosmetics for styling when needed. created by